PUBG has already been the 4th most performed game on Xbox One

PUBG has already been the 4th most performed game on Xbox One

PUBG has had the planet by storm because it launched on PC captured. It’s offered over 20 million copies on PC alone and just just left early access a few days ago. PUBG has managed to create a reputation for itself in many social networks and it was later introduced to Xbox One where it’s seen positive results.

PUBG’s performance on consoles continues to be questionable with a few saying it ought to happen to be more polished, despite it finding yourself in early access on Xbox One. Despite the sport under a little bit of fire for getting some rough edges, it’s still managing to market extraordinarily well.

At this time, the sport may be the 4th most performed game around the console behind Fortnite: Fight Royale (liberated to play), GTA V, and Cod: World war 2 within the U . s . States. Additionally, it boasts to be the top compensated game around the platform, because of its $30 cost point.

It’s likely the sport continuously stride in 2018 because the game got two significant performance updates within the last week and you will find certainly more in the future. Because the game irons out its issues and will get more features that are offered on PC, PUBG’s Xbox One counterpart will certainly hold a high devote the console’s most performed games.

PUBG has gone out now on Xbox One and PC.

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