Stardew Valley gets New Content Beyond Just Multi-player

Stardew Valley gets New Content Beyond Just Multi-player

Eric Barone, the only developer accountable for Stardew Valley, continues to be speaking by what he’s been as much as because the discharge of Stardew Valley for Switch. Beyond concepts and concepts, it appears just like a new game isn’t quite prepared to be spoken about. But he did decide to try Twitter lately to announce new free content for Stardew Valley.

This latest content isn’t the already announced multi-player features either, it’s beyond that. Barone stored the nitty-gritty details secret not to spoil any surprises, but he’s says the brand new content features a new town event for Winter, a brand new kind of collection for Winter, editable signs, outside adornments that change using the season, and much more NPC occasions. There are also a method to respec professions.

These new additions will arrive on PC first, having a console update soon to follow along with. Using the way it’s been worded, it appears such as these updates can come plus the big multi-player update. Initially, the beta for multi-player was likely to be this month but continues to be pressed to early 2018 for additional detailing.

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