[Watch] SoulCalibur VI’s Latest Sophitia Trailer Dates Back To Roots

[Watch] SoulCalibur VI’s Latest Sophitia Trailer Dates Back To Roots

Bandai Namco has released its first character-focused trailer for that approaching SoulCalibur Mire. A clip featured the one and only the series classic, Sophitia.

The recording not just features her move set, but additionally a couple of words from producer Motohiro Okubo. He discusses the style of Sophitia and mentions that her and Mitsurgui were the very first two figures produced for the brand new game. Subsequent figures specified for depending on how individuals two play.

Begin to see the trailer below (out on another forget to show subtitles to British for any translation!)

The exciting part about SoulCalibur Mire is it finally returns towards the 8-way running movement, in addition to even revisiting the storyline from the original SoulCalibur from 1998. We’ll also see newer and more effective mechanics, like the Reversal Edge that enables combatants to clash with one another and follow-up with unique character attacks.

SoulCalibur Mire is due Xbox One, Ps 4, and PC in 2018.

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