New Silent Hill pachislot game rubs salt in fans’ wounds

New Silent Hill pachislot game rubs salt in fans’ wounds

New Silent Hill pachislot game rubs salt in fans’ wounds


It is simply insulting to produce a Silent Hill 2 pachislot so right after the Silent Hillsides cancellation.

The way the mighty have fallen. Silent Hill, a set once famous because of its atmosphere and skill to strike fear in to the hearts from the most powerful-willed gamers, continues to be reduced to some gimmicky Japan-only pachinko slot machine.

Silent Hill has already established a tough ride since the series left the Ps 2, with a lot of the original team of developers being disbanded to allow Western developers go ahead and take helm and steer the series inside a different, ultimately unsuccessful direction. It has not been exactly the same since.

Following a decade of disappointing inclusions in the Silent Hill name, fans from the series finally saw some light in Silent Hillsides, the suggested collaboration between film director Guillermo del Toro and game director Hideo Kojima to create the series to its rightful place.

If you have been keeping informed, you realize Silent Hillsides was regrettably canned when Kojima left the organization. We’ll never see what it really might have been. Rather Japan will get this atrocious Silent Hill 2-themed pachislot game. Browse the video within the header.

Pachislots are a mix of Japan’s typically preferred game to gamble on, pachinko, and slots. It’s not unusual for any writer to make use of its IPs for pachinko and pachislot machines — SNK has famously remained afloat because of its pachinko machines (along others saving them). Konami continues to be especially keen on utilizing their IPs for pachinko and pachislot games in the last 5 years approximately. It is easy money.

It’s sad that Silent Hill has basically disappeared in the gaming community’s collective conscience, and it is a whole lot worse that it is one glimmer of hope was placed out. Using Silent Hill 2 for any pachislot within the same year because the Silent Hillsides cancellation is not a surprise, it is simply shateringly disappointing.

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