British Tanks Invade Realm Of Tanks On PS4?

British Tanks Invade Realm Of Tanks On PS4?

British Tanks Invade Realm Of Tanks On PS4

The British are coming, and Paul Revere most likely can’t assist you to, not against 20 a lot of steel. Wargaming has announced that the horde of British tanks took towards the battlefield in Realm of Tanks’ latest update for that Ps 4, adding several dozen new armored vehicles – place o’ tea not incorporated.

Over 40 new tanks, of tiers and kinds, happen to be added, including legendary fighting vehicles such as the Cromwell, Centurion I, and also the FV 251b 183, also referred to as the “Death Star.” Method to distance yourself out of your imperial roots, Britain. The update also brings eight new multi-player maps, which ought to be familiar to PC WoT fans.

You can aquire a full listing of the additional tanks around the announcement’s web site, in addition to see some community videos from a few of the queen’s subjects.

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