Greek Mac users demand support

Greek Mac users demand support

Greek Mac users demand support

Greek Mac users are revolting – launching a brand new protest site that demands Apple launch a passionate Apple A holiday in greece business unit.

The Greeks are upset that Apple, like many computer manufacturers, doesn’t have dedicated Greek presence. The organization does not even provide a Greek form of its website.

They’ve even launched a petition to lobby Apple to deal with this. It has attracted 349 votes to date.

“So that they can stimulate the eye of individuals accountable for the continuing, unacceptable situation in A holiday in greece regarding Apple services and products, the WeWantAppleGreece website continues to be produced, by Greek Mac users,” the protestors say.

They think overlooked. They think they aren’t drawing the entire advantage of new Apple developments across the remainder of Europe, and complain that, “the service and support supplied by several companies within our country don’t follow the fundamental standards set by Apple worldwide.”

They realize that the proportion of Greek Mac users is greater than generally believed, as numerous Greek’s buy their Macs abroad, or through independent import companies. They don’t wish to be looked at an minor minority.

“We stand u . s . within our pursuit of an aggressive Apple products market, in addition to real help, support and repair of these products, set in the same high standard as all of those other EU,” they declare.

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