iPhone 6 rumour rollup: iPhone delays derail 4G rollouts, flexible Gorillas, rainbow phone

iPhone 6 rumour rollup: iPhone delays derail 4G rollouts, flexible Gorillas, rainbow phone


iPhone 6 rumour rollup: iPhone delays derail 4G rollouts, flexible Gorillas, rainbow phone

Among the iOSphere’s long lasting myths is the fact that one or two component or production screwup has frequently delayed most iPhones, such as the iPhone 5S or 6 or whatever.

The most recent iteration of the myth is the fact that some screwup using the alleged Next iPhone’s fingerprint sensor, itself another unconfirmed feature, delayed the phone’s release, causing British mobile carrier Vodafone to upend its 4G network rollout and postpone it before the finish of summer time. Out of the box frequently the situation, there’s less for this than you would think. SEE: iPhone 6 release date, rumours and leaked images

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Also now: expect flexible Gorilla Glass screens around the next iPhones you know it is a cheap iPhone by its colors and new fan art reveals what impressive new specs for the following iPhone might seem like when the Next iPhone appeared as if exactly what a guy with Adobe Illustrator thinks it may be like. SEE: iPhone 6 rumour rollup: what’s inside a name?

You see clearly here second.



“Sources confirmed the delay towards the iPhone 5S was really a element in Vodafone’s decision to obstruct 4G.”

— Christopher Johnson, The Telegraph, who seems to distill scores of rumor, misstatement, misinformation and nonsense right into a mere 18 words that rest on not really a single fact.


iPhone 5S “delay” causes Vodafone to obstruct its 4G network

Britain’s Vodafone has made the decision to obstruct the development of its 4G/LTE network — initially planned for June — because Apple has encounter manufacturing delays and postponed the discharge from the iPhone 5S.

This is the theory anyway of the publish in the Telegraph headlined “Vodafone delays 4G network until late summer time for iPhone 5S” by Christopher Johnson.

Out of the box frequently the situation using the Telegraph, the facts are sketchy.

“The operator had initially planned to change on superfast special broadband in metropolitan areas in June, but stated on Tuesday it might hold back until August or September,” Johnson writes, inside a posting whose confusing randomness appears is the consequence of copying-and-pasting under deadline pressure to obtain something online in fifteen minutes.

Based on Johnson, “The Plastic Valley giant [meaning Apple] have been likely to introduce an up-to-date version, the iPhone 5S, which will work on the brand new frequencies in June, however it was reported recently it absolutely was pressed back due to manufacturing delays.” Yet he offers not really a shred of evidence, not really a hyperlink to rumor sites, to aid this assertion.

(Pocket-lint, another U.K. tech website, provides a more specific but believe it or not confusing reason behind the iPhone 5S “delay”: “a Vodafone-compatible iPhone was expected with this summer time until rumours of fingerprint sensor issues allegedly stalled Apple’s release.” On its face, Pocket-lint says the rumors stalled the discharge, but apparently meant to state that Apple delayed announcing the telephone since it encountered some type of trouble with the phone’s fingerprint sensor, another lengthy-rumored feature.)

“Sources confirmed the delay towards the iPhone 5S was really a element in Vodafone’s decision to obstruct 4G,” Johnson continues, again with no indication regarding who or exactly what the sources are.

A little later, he adds this: “‘End from the summer time means when there’s likely to be a great commercial moment for launching 4G,’ stated Mr Colao.”

The uninitiated may question who the mysterious “Mr Colao” is and why he’s speaking about Vodafone. You will not discover from Williams’ story.

Mr. Colao is Vittorio Colao, an italian man , who’s Chief executive officer of Vodafone Group Plc, the British multinational telecommunications company. Vodafone holds a 45% stake in Verizon Wireless Carrier, the subsidiary it produced with Verizon Communications, that is presently enticing or pressuring Colao to market back its stake within the wireless carrier.

Because this Reuters story makes obvious, Tuesday was your day Colao announced the business’s full-year financial results, after which spoken with reporters about an array of issues. Reuters centered on financial and business questions in the story.

Other news organizations centered on Colao’s comments about Vodafone’s 4G/LTE network plans, like the Guardian’s Juliette Garside, whose posting provides the details and context missing from Williams’ publish.

“Getting spent £790m on 4G spectrum in a government auction in Feb, Vodafone have been likely to launch this month or next,” Garside writes. “However it might have done this with no world’s best-selling smartphone.”

Presently, just the mobile operator EE provides a British 4G cellular network, and it is the only real operator to hold the apple iphone 5. Rivals Vodafone and O2 intend to run 4G on several frequencies, presently not based on Apple.

She quotes Colao in more detail, revealing more clearly the context and also the concept of his comments. “‘We believe our very own 4G will improve performing,’ stated Vodafone’s leader, Vittorio Colao. ‘We want so that you can launch it when it is really ready. Finish from the summer time means when there’s likely to be a great commercial window for launching it.'”

Colao pretty clearly, and fairly, says that Vodafone really wants to make certain the 4G network is solid that “finish of summer time” provides them time to make sure that which finish of summer time coincides having a “good commercial window” which certainly might be a mention of expected time period of Apple’s Next iPhone announcement. Possibly because Colao was having to pay attention recently when Apple Chief executive officer Tim Prepare clearly mentioned, at his company’s quarterly earnings call, that “Our teams are working hard on some amazing new hardware, software, and services that people can’t wait introducing this fall and throughout 2014 [emphasis added].”

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iPhone 6, iPhone 5S may have flexible Corning Gorilla Glass screens

Worldwide Business Times’ Erik Pineda appears to possess chose to make this rumor up by himself. At bottom, the concept that the following iPhone most likely uses a protective cover glass in the same manufacturer which has been offering glass for previous iPhones can’t be described as a thought.

It is the word “flexible” that implies something totally new. But IBT is just deceitful. The headline towards the publish is “iPhone 6, iPhone 5S May Have Flexible Screens Made from Corning Gorilla Glass on Release Date?”

But Pineda’s opening sentence to his publish casts another meaning around the word: “Tough because the robust gorilla but flexible enough to match any display size and fashions, that’s the next screen material geared for that approaching iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, thanks to device screen maker Corning.”

What exactly Pineda way to have to say is that Corning’s Gorilla Glass is adaptable to various form factors and screen designs, not that you could bend it or fold it.

Pineda bases his publish on which he states is definitely an “interview” with a Corning executive, Jeffrey Evenson, with MacRumors. Pineda does not bother to connect to the MacRumors report but here you go, by Eric Slivka.

But there’s no interview. Slivka is just summarizing a “feature” printed by Corning on its website. The feature, which Corning really classifies like a “news feature,” is simply an announcement, a Q&A, and 4 videos that demonstrate Corning’s latest offering, Gorilla Glass 3, being exposed to various tests.

Neither Slivka, nor Corning, mention iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Corning’s point is the fact that “azure glass,” that the Q&A explains isn’t really a glass however a “crystalline material that may be made by applying high temperature along with other demanding conditions to purified aluminum oxide,” is harder and for that reason more resistant against scratching than Gorilla Glass. Apple uses azure because the cover to the apple iphone 5 and fifth-generation iPad touch rear camera lens some watchmakers used it as being the coverage glass for timepieces.

But azure is affected with a variety of process needs along with other characteristics that, in Corning’s view, allow it to be both pricey and unacceptable to be used because the cover material for any smartphone screen.

Unsurprisingly, the organization touts the benefits from the newest Gorilla Glass, that provides “considerably improved scratch resistance and greater toughness. We achieved these benefits by re-engineering the atomic structure from the glass therefore if the glass does scratch, it maintains its strength.” And, obviously, it’s lighter, less brittle, enables more light through, and it is less expensive to fabricate than azure.

It had been less something to think about than fuel for flaming, knowing in the comments to Slivka’s publish.

“OMG individuals cheaters/imposters/fools!” ranted randfee2. “Squeezing tightly isn’t a VIABLE TEST OF Put on ENDURANCE!!!”

“This really is absurd but done purposely,” he ongoing. “Any engineer or researcher knows, the hardest materials tend to be more brittle! Should you place a 1mm steel plate against their gorilla glass it’ll surely withstand Far more pressure than 200 pounds, yet it scratches easily. The objective of using azure would be to keep your surface scratch free. There’s not a way their glass is often as good as azure. So specifically for a video camera cover glass azure is the greatest you will get (besides gemstone coating). I personally don’t like firms that think I am stupid…. screw them!”

Yet if a person really reads Corning’s information, the organization never states Gorilla Glass 3 is just like azure for fighting off scratches, that Corning has “considerably” improved the material’s scratch resistance.

iPhone cheapo will be a range of dazzling colors

Japan Apple fan site Macotakara announced inside a blog publish according to information from “several sources,” otherwise not identified: “I’ve 2 details about color variation of cheaper iPhone from the 3 sources. The very first set is Navy, Gold Orange, White-colored and Grey, and second is White-colored, Pink, Eco-friendly, Blue and Yellow-orange. I’m able to say one factor from all of these information, namely both sets don’t contain Black model.”

When the word “black” is not either in list, then that most likely probably implies that it is highly likely that “black” isn’t among the colors.

The website’s publish sustains the lengthy-running rumor that Apple is getting ready to produce a less costly phone. And we’ll know that it is the cheap phone, because it will likely be colorful. Nothing states “Take a look at me, I am cheap” that can compare with yellow-orange plastic.

And also the colorful iPhone is slated for production. “The origin explained that cheaper iPhone is going to be created 1,000 units for field test from June, and will also be created during This summer September for shipping.”

You will find a bit concerning the iPhone 5S. “And That I got another details about iPhone 5S, which is placed as flag-ship model when cheaper iPhone was shipped, may have dual-Brought flash, and will also be altered form of mic-hole to become formed as circle that is placed between iSight camera and flash.”

At AppleInsider, employees designed a connection that might be past the ken of mere mortals. “The most recent rumors might be based on images that surfaced online a week ago showing multi-colored SIM trays purported to be for any next-generation iPhone,” the storyline announced. Multi-colored within this situation means … two colors: “one having a greyish hue, and the other that made an appearance to become either golden or beige.” Or possibly yellow-orange. Maybe Apple is grabbing an understated color contrast fashion statement, pairing the greyish hue using the white-colored, pink and gold-orange/yellow-orange, using the golden or beige SIM tray using the blue and eco-friendly and perhaps gray phones.

AppleInsider advised us that “Captured, analyst John White-colored of Topeka Capital Markets claimed he was relayed through logistics sources that Apple planned to produce an ‘iPhone 5S’ in as many as eight colors later this season.” Which raises more questions of computer solutions. Would be the cheap iPhone and iPhone 5S the same? Or maybe separate, just colors can they have? Can they differ enough to preserve a budget-costly distinction or will the colours blur the variations between your phone?

At MacRumors, Juli Clover construed the somewhat ambiguous Macotakara schedule. “Based on Makotakara [sic], the reduced cost iPhone will start an area test production in June, which is adopted up by wide varying production in This summer to support a September launch,” she writes. “This launch date is confusing, as Macotakara formerly stated the inexpensive iPhone would ship in 2014.”

A good deal concerning the Next iPhone is confusing.

iPhone 6 “concept video” shows “impressive new specs”

Last year, Tim Prepare told interviewers, “We are likely to double lower on secrecy on products.” Four several weeks next, at the time Apple announced apple iphone 5, Business Insider’s Jay Yarrow crowed that “Apple Delivered Keep Surprises Away Today Whatsoever.”

“It is time that people stop calling Apple probably the most secretive companies on the planet,” Yarrow declared. “It appears to possess no product secrets any longer.”

Eight several weeks later, Yarrow’s confidence might have been premature. Hardly any credible information has emerged concerning the Next iPhone, even what it will likely be known as, though the Consensus Rumor is the fact that Apple will announced “iPhone 5S” in fall 2013, and “iPhone 6” in 2014. There’s prevalent belief but no real evidence beyond anonymous sources within the logistics that Apple will also generate a “cheap iPhone” targeted at emerging markets overseas.

So some within the iOSphere remain “reporting” on fan art. Exhibit A, selected pretty much randomly, is really a GottaBeMobile blog publish now by its editor Josh Cruz. The web site is all about “mobile news and reviews.”

The phrase both terms apparently is fairly elastic. Smith’s publish is all about a recently published “concept video” — also known as fan art — that reveals, he assures us, “impressive new specs and possible iPhone 6 features.”

And there is more. “Basically we pricier an apple iphone 6 until the coming year, this idea ties together a few of the latest iPhone 6 rumors right into a two-minute video overview,” Cruz states. Is not that convenient? Everything in one location: specs, features and rumors.

Or as CultOfMac’s Buster Heine place it in the marketing publish, “With WWDC under per month away, we have seen a lot of designers come forth with their visions for which iOS 7 might seem like, however the next iPhone continues to be overlooked.” Alas, no more.

And just what will we find? “This iPhone 6 concept features a Full HD display, a brand new look, water and dirt resistant coatings, a notification Brought, improved camera, wireless charging along with a touch sensitive volume button,” Cruz deftly summarizes, as though he was describing a genuine product in an exclusive one-on-one ending up in Apple’s marketing guru Phil Schiller.

“Within the video we obtain a glance at an apple iphone 6 concept that isn’t just like the apple iphone 5 or earlier iPhone models,” Cruz states. We’re totally there, man: It’s Radical.

But Cruz ends on the lower note. “Basically we do expect Apple will unveil a brand new design within the iPhone 6, how a black area of the bezel remains elevated within the metal iPhone 6 body does not look just like something we’d see emerge from the labs at Apple.”

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